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Welcome to our webpage! Take a look around and contact us if You have any question!

About Company Biography

Our company is a third generation pasomantier workshop. Our products are authentically hand-made goods, and we use high quality materials. On this webpage we would like to give You some samples what we can make. Soon we will upload some military goods, braids, tassels and  ribbons. We can send more photos to help You choose what exactly You want. Also we fulfill custom orders.

Some referencies:

  • Parliament Regiment
  • Museum of Military History
  • Crown Guard uniform
  • National Cavalry
  • Exciseman Band
  • Palace Watchmen



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Our catalog is available yet in hungarian.

To download our catalog please click here.

(Microsoft Word - forr341s)

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  • Address: 86. Kiralyhago str. 1182. Budapest, Hungary

  • Opening hours: 8:00 – 16:00

  • Phone: 00-36-1-292-2078

  • Email: tothpaszomany@gmail.com